BTS expresses their gratitude towards their leader RM

Jun Ko, June 13, 2018, 10:08 a.m.

BTS' '2018 Prom Party - RE;VIEW & PRE;VIEW -' happened today on June 13th! They prepared various performances for their fans, such as the BT21 debut stage, V&Jin's duet of 'Even If I Die, It's You', and more! In one of the talk segments of the '2018 Prom Party', all the BTS members expressed their gratitude for their leader RM. Suga expressed how thankful and sorry he was to RM since he has to bear the burden of being the leader. RM joked how he wasn't used to seeing Suga expressing his feelings in such a straightforward manner as Suga was the type to silently give his support.

The rest of the BTS members shared that they were most grateful to him when they visited the United States for the '2018 Billboard Music Awards'. V revealed that all of them became nervous when they were approached by celebrities whenever RM was in the bathroom. Jimin added on that he really missed RM when Khalid had talked to him: "I ended up coming out of the hotel 30 minutes early because I heard the time wrong. A lot of artists greeted me in the walk to the lobby. One of them was Khalid and when he talked to me, I really missed RM hyung." Jin also revealed that RM gave him a tip to help him communicate: "RM saw that I couldn't communicate, so he told me to repeat the end part of what they said." 

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