BTS gain praise for performing at the 2018 Korea-France Friendship Concert on their day-off + without monetary pay

Jun Ko, June 25, 2019, 4:23 p.m.

It was revealed that BTS performed at the 2018 Korea-France Friendship Concert without any monetary pay! The detail was revealed by former presidential advisory aide, Tak Hyun Min, on the political podcast 'Yoo Si Min's Alileo'. He had revealed that BTS had flown to France to perform at the concert on their day off, receiving only presidential watches as their payment. With BTS using their day off to go perform at a political event without monetary pay, they gained the favor and praise of numerous netizens: "Wow... I'm not surprised because it's BTS", "They only accepted watches to perform on their only day off...", and "They did it to promote our culture, not just politics." 

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