BTS' Jin adds onto the array of nicknames he has after the '2018 Billboard Music Awards'

Jun Ko, May 23, 2018, 4:11 p.m.

With BTS' appearance at the '2018 Billboard Music Awards', Jin has once again caught the eyes of many international netizens! During the '2017 BBMAs', Jin had received attention from netizens for his attractive appearance, eventually gaining the nickname 'Third One From The Left'. It looks like his attractiveness didn't fade as the same happened for the '2018 BBMAs'! With Jin donning a suit with a waistcoat and tie for the '2018 BBMAs' red carpet, netizens had nicknamed him as 'Guy in Waistcoat' and 'Prince Charming in a tie' when describing him to get his name. He definitely does prove to be 'Worldwide Handsome'!

What other nicknames do you think Jin will get for his appearance next? 

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