BTS' Jin's playful birthday wishes to his fellow member J-Hope

Jun Ko, Feb. 20, 2018, 10:49 a.m.

It was recently BTS' J-Hope's birthday! The eldest member of BTS, Jin, showed off his playfulness by wishing J-Hope happy birthday on Twitter with a picture he had taken. The tweet read, "Happy Birthday, Hobi. I waited a year to post this." The photo was of J-Hope without any make-up and wearing RM's thick prescription glasses. It was definitely a different sight from his charismatic presence on stage and it was a sight that fans immensely enjoyed. Jimin also commented to the tweet: "I couldn't help myself from commenting because it's so funny. Someone protect Hobi-hyung. Wait until December, Jin-hyung. I have a lot of photos of you with greasy hair." Fans commented happily of their close friendship with how they posted and teased of funny pictures of each other.

In addition to Jin's birthday message to J-Hope on Twitter, J-Hope also revealed that Jin was the first one to wish him a happy birthday on his birthday 'V'Live stream. Check out his birthday stream below!

Even though it passed, happy birthday to you, J-Hope!! We hope you had the best birthday!

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