BTS Launches Trending Mobile Game "BTS World"

Jay Lee, June 26, 2019, 5:22 p.m.

BTS has finally released their new mobile game, "BTS World"

The game is designed by NetMarble, one of the largest mobile game companies in South Korea, and was officially released June 26th.

It is a storytelling game that has gamers playing the role of BTS's manager, working to grow the group's career, and earning access to exclusive photos and videos as they play. 

Fans can play a mini version of the game on the NetMarble website where the goal is finding BTS a place to stay that fits the requirements of all seven members. 

In addition, a promotional video was posted online featuring a text message dialogue between members Jungkook and Jimin. 

"Attention please," says Jungkook. "It's D-2 until the launch of the BTS World game." Jimin then replies: "Wow! Really?" Then Jungkook invites fans to get involved. "Dear my manager, it's D-2," he says. "Promise you'll play the game with us?

#BTS월드 is trending on Twitter in several countries. Are you playing?
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