BTS look back on their experiences at the '2018 Billboard Music Awards' on MBC's 'News Desk'

Jun Ko, May 22, 2018, 4:42 p.m.

BTS made an appearance on MBC's 'News Desk' the morning after the '2018 Billboard Music Awards'! They gave their input on their experiences of attending a wide-scale award ceremony. Jimin commented, "We were also full of shock. We didn't even know if it was okay for us to be sitting there. Everything was just so astonishing." 

Namjoon added on, "We feel the biggest sense of achievement when we see that fans understand us, even though we're singing in Korean. It's the age of media, so they also take the time to translate our lyrics and speech. The fact that we stayed true to ourselves is the biggest factor. We always focus on our performances because we are artists who work hard to make music and create performances. We also don't slack on communicating with our fans." 

On the topic of BTS' upcoming Stadium tour in North America, Suga answered, "I think it's something that only a selected few artists can do. It's something so close to be within our grasps. The fact that we're able to do it soon, it's like our dreams are coming true." 

Watch BTS' interview on MBC's 'News Desk' down below!

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