BTS’ Music Video for ‘Boy In Luv’ Reaches 100 Million Views

Ben Cho, March 13, 2017, 10:26 a.m.

BTS’ music video for ‘Boy In Luv’ has just reached a special milestone of over 100 million views! The music video was released on February 11th, 2014, and this is now their fourth music video to gain over 100 million views, trailing behind BTS’ other awesome hits like ‘Blood, Sweat, & Tears’, ‘Dope’, and ‘Fire’! Congratulations BTS!


BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. Their name in Korean, Bangtan Sonyeondan, and Japanese, Bōdan Shōnendan, both translate to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts".

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