BTS renews their contract with Big Hit Entertainment

Jun Ko, Oct. 18, 2018, 11:05 a.m.

BTS just renewed their contracts with Big Hit Entertainment! With BTS still having an year left before the expiration of their contract, BTS' early contract renewal goes to show the deep trust that they have in Big Hit Entertainment. Their contract renewal means that they'll be under Big Hit Entertainment for another seven years! 

Big Hit Entertainment: "With deep trust and affection being the basis of the decision, BTS decided to renew their contracts with us for another 7 years. It's Big Hit's philosophy to provide the best type of treatment to artists that showcase immense worldwide achievements. After several lengthy discussion, all members of BTS decided to renew their contracts to continue their careers. We plan on strengthening the size and capacity of the current staff that's in charge of BTS (which currently number over a hundred) and we promise not to withhold our most wholehearted, systematic support and investments towards BTS."

BTS: "We greatly admire our mentor Bang Si Hyuk, who envisioned our careers from before our debut to now and for the future to come. He opened our eyes to not only the world of music, but our outlook on life. We will do our best with Big Hit Entertainment, who gave us their unconditional support all these years, so that we can show our fans a better image." 

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