BTS Sits Down For an Interview with iHeartRadio

Ari Kim, March 24, 2017, 2:45 p.m.

Big Hit’s top male group BTS was recently interviewed by iHeartRadio. The boys are currently touring the states for their ‘2017 BTS Live Trilogy III (Final Chapter): The Wings Tour.’ Considering that there are no native English speakers within the group, leader Rap Monster did a majority of the speaking since he is an advanced English speaker. Many fans found laughter with the other members’ facial expressions during the interview.

ARMYs were highly impressed with Rap Monster’s English skills. While Rap Monster was answering the questions, the other members seemed a bit confused to what was being asked and answered. We love them regardless of their level in English. They are an amazing group in all! Congratulations to BTS for their SECOND U.S tour!


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