BTS splashes into color with their unique 'VT Cosmetic' perfumes

Jun Ko, May 24, 2019, 4:33 p.m.

Cosmetic brand 'VT Cosmetics' released their VTxBTS line of perfumes: 'Eau de Bois' (RM), 'Eau de Coton' (Jin), 'Eau de Vert' (Suga), 'Eau de Citrus' (JHope), 'Eau de Poudre' (Jimin), 'Eau de Musk' (V), and 'Eau d'Ocean' (Jungkook). The seven perfumes were introduced with the scents holding each members' special characteristics and charms in mind. 

RM - 'Eau de Bois' (a strong, woody scent)

Jin - 'Eau de Coton' (a warm, floral scent)

Suga - 'Eau de Vert' (a refreshing, nature scent)

JHope - 'Eau de Citrus' (a sweet, vibrant citrus scent)

Jimin - 'Eau de Poudre' (a powdery vanilla scent)

V - 'Eau de Musk' (a dark, mysterious musky floral scent)

Jungkook - 'Eau d'Océan' (a cool, oceanic scent)

The CF depicts the introduction to the seven 'VTxBTS' perfumes with a brilliantly done CF. It starts off with the members in black and white before they're made alive with vivid colors after a spray of their unique perfume. Check out the CF below! 

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