BTS Treats Fans to Iced Drinks After 'DOPE' Promotions!

LAtte, July 6, 2015, 10:55 a.m.

The ever-sweet boys of BTS prepared a special gift for their ARMYs with a nice treat from the hot weather! Despite having only promoted their song 'DOPE' for a short two weeks, the boys still wanted to thank their fans for their neverending support and love by preparing a drink cart to keep fans cool from the hot sun.

Member Jin urged fans with a selca, saying, "ARMY, since you've worked so hard during our promotions, hurry over and grab some [drinks]. If you go after it's over, there might not be anything left. I prepared it!"

J-Hope then posted his own selca, writing, "Jin hyung, what... I prepared it (Kekekookyukyukyukekekekookyukekekekekyukyukokeokookokokoko) ARMY, hurry and come get some nom nom."

With 'DOPE' promotions over, the boys are soon headed to Australia and the Americas for their 'The Red Bullet' tour! 

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