BTS' V and Park Bo Gum vacation together on Jeju Island

Stacey Park , April 17, 2017, 4:31 p.m.

BTS member V and actor Park Bo Gum are currently vacationing together on Jeju Island. On April 17, V shared photos of the duo social media. The pair can be seen smiring the beautiful scenery on Jeju Island. They look like they are enjoying their trip together as seen by their friendly poses on the photographs. 

Park Bo Gum took time off to travel with V, who recently returned to Korea after BTS' concert tour around North and South America. The two are known to be best friends. They have gone to amusement parks together, attended Big Bang's concert "BIG BANG 10 THE CONCERT: 0 TO 10 FINAL IN SEOUL" in January, and have been spotted riding the subway toogether wearing masks.

Park bo Gum also supported his best friend by atending one of BTS concets last year and cheered V on by posting supportive messges through social media. 

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