BTS's V and Rap Monster hang out with Ansel Elgort

Richard Kim , Aug. 25, 2017, 2:21 p.m.

BTS members V and Rap Monster recently met up with Hollywood actor Ansel Elgort! Ansel Elgort is in Korea to promote his critically acclaimed film 'Baby Driver' and met up with the two members while he was there. Sony Pictures Korea recently uploaded a photo of the two BTS members and Elgort sitting together on a couch. V sits cooly with his arms crossed while Rap Monster leans into Elgort with a peace sign. The actors sits happily in the middle with his arms around both boys. 

BTS has actually previously met Ansel Elgort during the Billboard Music Awards back in May. The actor even talked about their run in. 

Check it out below! 


Ansel Elgort also tweeted about BTS, thanking them for supporting 'Baby Driver'. 

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