[BUSINESS] Korea Microsoft CEO to become Chairman for the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea

D-Bo, Dec. 6, 2013, 2:17 p.m.

For the first time in history, Korean American James Kim will be respected with the title “chairman” of the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea.  Kim is the CEO of Microsoft Korea, as well as the Country Manager, was elected on November 30th to become the chairman of AMCHAM Korea for the duration of 1 year.  Kim’s credentials are quite impressive. His titles include those of: CEO of Yahoo Korea, CEO of Microsoft Korea, Vice Chairman of AMCHAM, and soon to Chairman of AMCHAM.

Kim will start his term beginning this New Year ’s Day, and will serve until New Year’s Eve of next year (Jan 1st – Dec. 31st). The President of Boeing Korea, Pat Gaines, is currently chairman of AMCHAM, and will take his leave in just a few weeks.

James’ background, as well as fluent Korean and English, will enable him to play an important role in reinforcing business ties between Korea and the States. James also has a exceptional understanding of the local culture and people.

Korean Americans are beginning to appear more in US-Korea affairs recently. Politically, Sung Kim, US ambassador to South Korea, has been appointed his role since 2011, and has also served as the Special Envoy for the 6-party talks with the North. In addition to his position as an honorary chairman of AMCHAM, Sung also headed the Office of Korean Affairs at the Department of State from 2006-2008.

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