C9 Entertainment threatens legal action over rumors of rank manipulation

Jun Ko, July 15, 2019, 1:04 p.m.

On July 15th, C9 Entertainment threatened legal action after facing accusations of rank manipulation in 'Produce X 101': "Hello, this is C9 Entertainment. We sincerely thank all the fans that have given their heartfelt support to our artists.

Currently, there has been a lot of baseless rumors of rank manipulation surrounding our trainee Geum Dong Hyun being spread on social media. With the rumors involving one of our trainees, we have been continuously sent numerous screenshots of the posts and IDs engaged in the rumors. However, the rumors are not worth any consideration as they are undoubtedly false.

We plan on taking legal action against on all the posts that are found from now on. We earnestly request that all posts involved in the rumors be immediately deleted, so they will not spread any further. 

We ask for the fans to send their continuous support and love for all the 'Produce X 101' trainees that spend every moment giving their all for their dreams. Thank you." 

The rumors were seen to start after Geum Dong Hyun rose from 19th to 10th in the July 12th episode of 'Produce X 101'. 

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