Cable Network Show Pokes Fun at Clara Issue As Part of Promotions

D-Bo , Feb. 4, 2015, 6:51 p.m.

Cable network tvN’s show ‘Wednesday Food Talk’ posted a parody picture making fun of the current situation between Clara and Polaris Entertainment.   The stunt comes as promotion for their upcoming chicken episode. 

tvN uploaded the above picture and wrote, "Pretty funny! A big deal, must be fun!"   In the picture, a text message conversation can be seen taking place between "Wednesday Food Talk's Facebook Friend" and the show 'Wednesday Food Talk' itself. The former plays the part of Polaris Entertainment's chairman while the latter acts like Clara.


The text messages read:
WFT Facebook friend: "Are you filming? I'm drinking a glass of wine and eating chicken and then I will be going home. Work hard."
WFT: (sends a picture of a chicken) "I'm filming ^^. This week, I'm doing chicken. Please make it go global." 
WFT Facebook friend: "Go global? You're giving me a hard task very easily." 
WFT: "Mr. Facebook friend~, you'll have fun with me if you work with me this Wednesday night at 11 PM *^^*. (More chicken pictures)" 
WFT Facebook friend: "That pose is captivating." 
WFT: "Oh yeah! As expected, your ability to see photos is accurate. I'm happy you can see it!"

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