Can you run from your past?

Yumi Kim , May 25, 2018, 11:04 a.m.

Dispatch revealed on May 25, that popular singer/songwriter MoonMoon had a hidden criminal past that caused the singer to lose his contract with music label. According to reports, MoonMoon was charged and convicted of secretively filming a woman in a public bathroom, August 2016. He was charged for imprisonment if he committed a similar offense within 2 years. 

It seems that MoonMoon hid his criminal record from his music label, House of Music. The singer signed with the music label in 2017 and did not mention anything about his criminal past to label representatives. It was revealed that House of Music confirmed MoonMoon's criminal past and decided to terminate their contract with the singer in immediate action, canceling all of the artist's schedules. House of Music gave their sincerest apology and shared their sadness for losing trust in singer MoonMoon. 

MoonMoon was receiving a lot of popularity for successful indie hits such as "Paint" and 'Marriage". 

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