Cao Lu & Jo Se Ho tearfully bid ‘We Got Married’ adieu

AJ Lee, Sept. 26, 2016, 10:12 a.m.

Virtual couple FIESTAR’s Cao Lu and comedian Jo Se Ho tearfully bid each other adieu on their last episode together. During the September 24th episode, Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu had their final date together as they held hands and took a walk.

The pair shared their memories from their time together, holding back tears. Cao Lu even thoughtfully prepared a gift for her virtual hubby – a bracelet to match the one he gifted her with previously, which was engraved with the words, “I will burningly long for you.”

Although the duo’s goodbye was heart-wrenching, Cao Lu shared honestly during her solo interview that she’d be open to dating Jo Se Ho seriously after the show because no one had treated her this well before.

You can catch a few heart felt moments from the episode below!

Are you sad to see the Jo Se Ho and Cao Lu couple go?

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