Cassell's Hamburgers Still Sizzling Strong as They Celebrate 70th Anniversary

Jay Yim, Dec. 12, 2019, 5:08 p.m.

Cassell's Hamburgers, which launched in 1948, was Los Angeles' best burger joint in town.

The owner, Al Cassell, opened the lunch counter at 6th and Berendo, building his reputation using only quality ingredients, which includes prime beef ground fresh daily, and homemade ingredients including mayonnaise, potato, salad, and lemonade.

After operating for 40 years, Cassell's was sold, and stayed opened for a while more before closing down briefly.

Five years ago, the once popular burger joint reopened in the Koreatown renovated Hotel Normandie, with Chef Christian Page at the grille.

With him, original recipes were brought back, along with some new items as well. "As soon as we put the new hand-painted signs in the window, I would be in the kitchen testing things, and every day, without fail, someone's knocking on the door, [asking] 'How's the potato salad supposed to be?' The burger better be right,'" said Page recalling the first day reopening the place.

Chef Page uses the same style Hobart meat grinder that Cassell used to use, blending in prime chuck and brisket ground daily. Furthermore, he makes sure that he forms the patty in the press the same way that Cassell made them from industrial parts. They even use Cassell's original 1940s crossfire broiler to cook the burgers with 500 degrees of searing heat from above and below.

This past week, Cassell's Hamburgers held a week long 70th anniversary to commemorate its history, with the finale being a chef collaboration. A portion of the proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry, which is a charity program that combats food insecurity in order to put an end to it.

If you are a fan of Cassell's and want to know more about the 70th anniversary, you can check it out here at their official website.

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