“CeCi” Magazine Releases Teaser Photos of Seventeen and Red Velvet

Paul Lee, April 20, 2016, 10:19 a.m.

“CeCi” magazine recently released some preview shots from their Seventeen and Red Velvet photoshoots, and fans are sure to love some of the photos that they released. Seventeen’s photoshoot featured the concept “road trip”, and Red Velvet’s concept theme was that of a hidden garden.


In the interview portion of the shoot, Joy and Yeri were asked about how well they knew each other. Yeri said, "We hide nothing from each other. Joy is someone I'd like to be with even after a long time," Joy then commented, "We even talked last night. We talk about everything from work to the our trivial issues in daily life." 


Seventeen was interviewed as well, and they were asked where they thought they would be ten years from today.


Joshua, Mingyu and Dino stated, "Seventeen will probably be on a world tour by then." Woozi himself said that he saw himself becoming a world-class producer, while DK stated that he would be a talented vocal artist.

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