Ceci magazine's new 'Pose For Fame' series rookies, A.C.E

Tae Hyun Kim, May 25, 2018, 10:01 a.m.

Korean group A.C.E was chosen as rookies for 'Ceci' magazine's new project series, "Pose for Fame"! The project started back in March, 2018. 'Ceci' Korea posted a minute long videos of rookies to see their popularity with SNS likes, views, comments, and support from the respective rookies' fans. A.C.E has been chosen as the first rookies to shoot for "Pose for Fame" series!

A.C.E shared about their 1st anniversary and how excited and thankful they were when they heard they were chosen as the first rookies to participate in the project. Check out their shoots below!

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