[OP-ED] Celebrities' Fanshim: Celebrities fangirl/boy, too!

Chloe Cho, Dec. 27, 2016, 11:20 a.m.

In Entourage, Seo Kang-Joon tries extremely hard to get the role he wants. It is no surprise that in real life, too, actors have covert competition among themselves to get the desired roles. In fact, renowned Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly stole a role from her then-best friend Winona Ryder. The story goes like this: Paltrow visited Ryder’s house and saw the script for Shakespeare in Love. She then reached out to the director and asked to pick her over her friend. Paltrow lost a friend, but through that film she won an Oscar. The two actresses have not spoken since. I’m sure the same goes for singers; instead of scripts, they would fight over songs.

That role is mine!

So do all celebrities secretly envy each other? Have the smiles all been fake and the “friends” actually frenemies? The answer is, thankfully, NO!  In the Korean entertainment industry, more and more people come out and confess “I fangirl crazy hard over so-and-so.” A term reflecting this trend was coined, “fanshim,” which is a combination of ‘fan’ and ‘shim,’ meaning feeling. Someone who is said to have a ‘fanshim’ towards Big Bang means he or she is a hardcore Big Bang fan. Just like us, these five celebrities have openly expressed their fanshim towards other celebrities. Let’s take a look!

1. Han Ga-In, Angela Baby → G-Dragon

Han Ga-In and Angela Baby are known to be G-Dragon fans. Han Ga-In went to G-Dragon’s solo concert, “One of a Kind,” and cheered for the singer in the standing zone with dozens of other fans. Furthermore, she confessed setting her phone’s background with a picture of G-Dragon, which she carefully selected among hundreds of photos in her album. Han said her husband is unhappy with her fanshim, but it doesn’t discourage her from fangirling.

I will take this home and keep it as a treasure...

Chinese actress Angela Baby is also a huge fangirl of G-Dragon. Like Han, Angela Baby also went to G-Dragon and Big Bang’s concerts. Besides going to concerts, Angela Baby also paid a visit to Monsant Cafe, a cafe owned by G-Dragon in Jeju Island. Angela Baby even went to an awards ceremony because G-Dragon was there. She certainly has remarkable fanshim, doesn’t she?

2. Nana → Mamamoo’s Hwasa

This year, Mamamoo captured a lot of people’s hearts, including Nana’s.

Mamamoo performed at this year’s Asia Artists Awards, where Nana won a female rookie award. When Mamamoo performed, Hwasa came down from the stage and approached Nana.

Hwasa held a mic in one hand and Nana’s in the other. You can see Nana is smiling, but too shy to look at Hwasa in the eye. When asked about a celebrity she likes earlier this year, Nana answered it is Hwasa from Mamamoo. “I’m fascinated by her lively and sexy character,” Nana explained. “As a viewer, I get happy just by seeing how confident she is on the stage.”

3. SISTAR’s Hyolyn → Kang Dong-Won

Throughout her career, Hyolyn repeatedly emphasized her ideal type has been Kang Dong-Won for the longest time.

At the same time, however, Hyolyn acknowledges that Kang Dong-Won is every woman’s dream, and she does not wish to publicly confess her fanshim any longer. In the past, Hyolyn openly sent out love letters to Mr. Kang in variety shows. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean her fanshim vanished; she still loves Kang Dong-Won, but she has decided to take a step back.

4. Jo In-Sung → D.O.

Jo In-Sung first met EXO’s D.O. during the filming of “It’s okay, That’s Love”. D.O. played the second identity of Jo In-Sung’s character. Despite the 12 years of age difference, the two men stayed good friends even when the drama was over.

D.O saranghae!

Yes, Jo In-Sung held a placard at a drama awards although nobody forced him to do it. He did it out of pure love, out of fanshim, just like we would do if we were sitting at that awards show.

These celebrities remind us that one cannot help falling in love, and fangirling should never be something to be embarrassed of. So if you are a fanboy or a fangirl, be proud of your fanshim - your passion, dedication, and respect for another human being!

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