Celebrities under investigation for distributing hundreds of illegal videos & photos!

Yumi Kim , April 4, 2019, 10:38 a.m.

On April 4, SBS '8 O'Clock News' revealed that additional chatrooms with celebrity members sharing hundreds of illegal hidden camera photos and videos have been obtained. SBS reported that the members in the chatrooms include actors Shin and Han, model Jung, an employer of ARENA's club, and the son of a former high-ranking Samsung executive. They revealed that an anonymous woman A discovered the illegal content in her boyfriend's (Mr.Kim) external hard drive. She not only uncovered footage of herself but of numerous other women as well. 

Anonymous A said to media outlets, "I tried to connect the hard drive to the computer and discovered there were a lot of images and videos in the KakaoTalk. I thought I should move it to a USB. There were so many people filmed that it seemed to come from a habit. The other women probably didn't know they were being filmed. They all seemed very drunk or unconscious, and they couldn't stand up straight." She added, "If there was a woman lying on the bed naked, they would take a picture and send it to each other." 

She was able to transfer a portion of the photos and videos to her USB drive, but many were left behind. According to A, her boyfriend Mr. Kim was not the only person illegally filming the women, but his friends also shared photos and footage in two chatrooms. She filed a lawsuit against her boyfriend in July of 2018 and sent the evidence to prosecution. 

The people involved in the chatrooms are currently under investigation for filming and distributing illegal content. 

Stay tune for more updates! 

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