Celebrity Couple Sean and Jung Hye Young Estimated to Have Donated Over $3.3 Million USD

luvsmiling, Feb. 4, 2015, 6:49 p.m.

Celebrity couple Sean, formerly of Jinusean and wife Jung Hye Young have once again donated to Holt Children’s Services.  The couple donated W100 Million to the Holt Children's Services to financially support children who come from unfortunate circumstances for their education. 

It has been seven years since Sean and Jung Hye Young started donating as a couple. Thus far the couple has helped donate around 1.1 billion won (approx. $999,000 USD) specifically to Holt Children's Services. It is estimated that the couple has donated an impressive 3.6 billion won (approx. $3.3 million USD) to charitable organizations in total. 

Currently the persistantly chairtable couple donates 10,000 won (approx. $9 USD) for each member of their family--including their children--everyday and they donate millions of won (hundreds of USD) each month to children all over the world. 

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