Changmin is now the 116th member of the 'Green Noble Club'

Jun Ko, May 22, 2018, 10:29 a.m.

TVXQ's Changmin officially became the 116th member of the 'Green Noble Club'. The status of being a member of the 'Green Noble Club' is granted when people have donated 100 million KRW (~93,000 USD) or more to Child Fund Korea within the span of five years. Changmin had donated the total donation of 100 million KRW (~93,000 USD) to Child Fund Korea: 45 million KRW (~42,000 USD) in 2017 for the children affected by the Pohang earthquake and 55 million KRW (~51,000 USD) in recent 2018 to help young patients. 

Changmin had commented, "There are people that have donated more and longer than I have, so I'm embarrassed. Childhood and adolescence are the most important times in one's life, so I hope that children are not hurt or discriminated against by their income situation. I will continue to do what I must do, so that children that need help can grow without worries." 

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