Check out 2PM in a Guest Appearance on ‘Entertainment Relay’

kpopluv, Sept. 22, 2014, 3:43 p.m.

Veteran k pop boy group 2PM made an appearance on ‘Entertainment Relay’.  In the episode the boys make a trip to Lotte World.  When asked how they felt about going to the amusement park, Junho shared, "It was really fun. Because we went outside into the sunlight and rode what we wanted, I was so happy." Jun.K also revealed how they deal with a clash of opinions within the group, sharing, "We always discuss it all together." Junho added, "Even if a member does something that we don't understand, we have to try to understand them."


When asked about their pay system, Wooyoung revealed, "For several years, we decided to split [the pay equally among the members] so we wouldn't fight about [money]." When asked, "Did you fight?", Wooyoung joked, "After that, we fought so [now each person gets his individual pay in full]."


When asked which member suits the song, "I'm Your Man", the most, they choseNichkhun. The reporter asked, "Can you confidently [openly] say that 'I'm your man'?", to which Nichkhun replied, "I'm confident." The reporter alluded to Nichkhun going public with his relationship, asking, "Did you become confident because of the media outlets or were you normally confident?"


When asked what 2PM means to them, Nichkhun answered, "Family. We're really like a family." Taecyeon answered, "2PM is not 'crazy'."

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