Check Out BUZZ’s Two New Music Videos for ‘Just One’ and ‘The Love’ Here!

Nicholas Kim, July 28, 2017, 10:23 a.m.

Veteran K-pop ballad group Buzz has just made their comeback with the release of ‘The Love’ and ‘Just One’! The first music video shows a couple going through both good times and bad together. The storyline matches perfectly with the music sound. The second music video features the band performing for their fans, and the track features a  much more upbeat sound. Check them both out below!


Buzz is an all-male South Korean rock, pop band. Their music largely consists of both plaintive rock-ballads such as "Coward", though moderately melodic, driving rock songs such as "Leaving on a Journey to Me" reminiscent of German Neue Deutsche Welle are also to be heard among their more popular songs. All of their songs are sung in Korean with a smattering of English phrases, as is common in Korean pop music.

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