Check out EXID as They Make an Appearance on SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’

D-Bo , Feb. 4, 2015, 6:52 p.m.

K pop girl group EXID made an appearance on the most recent episode of SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment.  On their appearance, the girls shared with fans a little insight in to their lives after their rise in popularity. 

A male fan came on stage and asked, "After becoming popular with 'Up & Down,' were you treated differently by the agency?" to which the girls replied, "We were initially given 6,000 KRW (~ 5.50 USD) per person for food expenses, but that got raised a bit.  And we can drink coffee or something as dessert now.  We're really happy."  He then said he wanted a hug, so Junghwa happily obliged.  

Otherwise, the members revealed, "We have not yet received a penny.  We haven't gotten the calculations yet, but we heard there's a positive profit, so we think we'll be able to touch it [money] soon."

When asked what they wanted to do once they receive the money, Hani said, "Firstly, I want to buy a present for my parents and I want to buy glasses.  My glasses got crooked, and I haven't been able to fix them yet."

She also recalled a time she was recognized by a fan while with her father.  Hani stated, "Once, I went to a restaurant with my father; a fan recognized me and asked for my signature and a picture," after which her father sweetly said that was the happiest day of his life!

She said with aegyo, "From hereon, if you see me with my family, please recognize me lots!"

EXID an acronym for Exceed in Dreaming, is a five-member South Korean girl group, composed of Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin, and Junghwa. Formed by Gamgak Entertainment in 2011, EXID originally started off as a six-member group consisting of members LE, Hani, Junghwa, Yuzi, Dami, and Haeryung. They made their official debut on February 16, 2012 with the release of their digital single album Holla. Two months later, Yuzi, Dami, and Haeryung departed the group, and were soon replaced by Solji and Hyelin. The quintet then released their first EP Hippity Hop in August 2012, but it was met with limited success.

The group was launched to mainstream recognition when their 2014 single "Up & Down" climbed to number one on the Gaon Singles Chart four months after its initial release.

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