Check Out G-Friend Eunha’s Very First Solo Photoshoot with ‘International bnt’

Troy Yang, Aug. 30, 2016, 10:01 a.m.

G-Friend member Eunha’s photoshoot with ‘International bnt’ has just gone public, and the special part about it all is that it’s her very first photoshoot without the other members of the group! Eunha laid to rest any doubts that she could handle modeling on her own, showing off her trademark charm and charisma.


During the interview Eunha revealed that she wished to sing about a deep and chaotic love, which is rather different from the bubbly and innocent image of her group. She stated that she wishes her group will succeed over a long period of time as they try out many different concepts.


Eunha also revealed her personal dream, which was to be unemployed! She stated that she wished she could earn a large amount of money and be completely jobless so that she could do whatever she wanted, spend time with people she loves, and eat delicious food.


In regards to which singers she wished to be compared to she chose Baek Ye Rin and 15&’s Park Ji Min, saying that their singing talent was amazing. She revealed that she came up with her stage name after being friends with SinB for over ten years, and since the two have the same name Eun Bi, she chose Eunha and SinB chose her name. There’s some K-pop trivia that sure to blow some minds!

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