Check out Girls Day Minah and Sojin Visit on JTBC’s Witch Hunt

D-Bo , July 4, 2014, 8:55 p.m.

Girl’s Day Minah and Sojin were recently on an episode of JTBC’s Witch Hunt.  Witch Hunt has been known to press the topic into a more adult orientated concept.  Sojin and Minah were asked about their dating styles and how they were when dating.  Sojin answered, "During the day, I have a lot of aegyo. At night, I'm very passionate.

Sung Si Kyung then addressed Minah. Since both of them have eyes that slope downward, he said, "I haven't met anyone else whose eyes are droopy like mine. Don't people like us have less strength?".  Minah answered, "I recently read Heo Young Man's physiognomy comic 'Kkol'. It said that people with droopy eyes are a bit sexual."

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