Check out Hyorin on ‘I Am a Singer’ for Chuseok Special

luvsmiling, Sept. 9, 2014, 8:55 a.m.

SISTAR member  Hyorin made an appearance on the Chuseok episode of the hit reality surivial show ‘I Am a Singer’.  For her performance, she went from a sexy performance of SISTAR19's "Ma Boy" to an emotional ballad. 

As the first current idol star featured on the show, Hyorin felt pressured to blow the audience away. She said, "I'm the only idol. I'm both happy and worried that I get to appear on the show with sunbaes who I liked and respected since I was young." Hyorin didn't disappoint with her solo rendition of "Ma Boy" for round one, but she really shined with her cover of Park Sun Joo's "The Way Home". 

Despite Hyorin's amazing performances, it was The One who was the top singer on the Chuseok special.


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