Check out Still Cuts From ‘Oh My Baby’ as Lee Gook Joo Visits Ra Yool and Ra Hee

kpride, April 3, 2015, 11:22 a.m.

Comedian Lee Gook Joo made a visit to former S.E.S member Shoo’s twins Ra Hee and Ra Yool in the upcoming episode of ‘Oh My Baby’.  The twins had met Lee Gook Joo for the first time back in February on an episode of “Roommate.” Out of all the strangers that were at the “Roommate” house, the twins latched on to Lee Gook Joo and were clearly taken by her. 

To her surprise, the twins have no clue who she is and seem to be very shy around her. While Shoo gets some housework done, Lee Gook Joo takes the opportunity to try to become friends with the twins again. She attempts everything she can think of: reading them books, making animal noises, and even crawling around on the floor with them.

It takes some time, but they eventually get close. At one point, the girls give her a diaper as a gift. In the end, Shoo is so impressed by the way that Lee Gook Joo plays with them at their level that she applauds.

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