Check Out TaeTiSeo on KBS 2TV’s “Hello”

kpopluv, Oct. 7, 2014, 3:13 p.m.

Girls’ Generation sub unit TaeTiSeo recently made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Hello’.  n this day, a participant on the show relayed his concerns about his older sisters who would dance crazily with no restraints. 


Afterwards, the MCs asked the girls, which member tended to get really excited and Tiffany raised her own hand.  She explained, "Among TaeTiSeo's album, there's a ballad that Seohyun wrote called 'Only U.'  After we finished our showcase, I was overflowing with excitement that I clicked play and the ballad came out," and started laughing here.

The MCs requested that Seohyun sang a bit of the song so they could see firsthand how Tiffany danced to the slow track.  Tiffany revealed that she expressed her excitement through her expressions and her neck.  She then showed off her funny dance moves to the ballad that got the whole room laughing.  Taeyeon said she gets embarrassed to which Tiffany said she would only dance even worse, continuing on to a horrified Taeyeon.


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