Check out the Clip from ‘We Got Married’ with Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young

D-Bo, Oct. 12, 2014, 2 p.m.

On the most recent episode of the reality show ‘We Got Married’, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young met with Nam Goong Min’s brother and wife.  During their meeting, Nam Goong Min made a call to his mother after which she spoke to Hong Jin Young to thank her. 

 "After meeting you, my son laughs so much and became more at ease. Thank you so much... Whenever I see you Jin Young, the corners of my mouth move up automatically."

Hong Jin Young responded, "Thank you for giving birth to such a good, awesome son. I'll make sure to come and see you."

It seems even Nam Goong Min was surprised by how happy his mom was to talk to Hong Jin Young. He said during his solo interview, "My mom is not the type of person to talk so brightly. I think Jin Young is a happy virus for sure. My mom was high in spirits. I haven't heard her so happy in a while."  Check out the clip!

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