Check out the Clip of ‘We Got Married Global Edition’

kpride, July 6, 2014, 2:37 p.m.

In this week’s episode of We Got Married Global Edition, couples Super Junior’s Heechul and Puff (Guo Xue Fu), decided to paint a wall muriel. Instead of just painting directly on the wall, the two decided to sketch out their memorable moments. Heechul showed off his surprisingly accurate drawing skills. Find out which moment they decided to capture in the clip above.

Couples SHINee’s Key and Arisa Yagi leave the zoo animal and head to the beach Key starts the date by checking the weather on his oh so cool google watch. Instead of catching waves the couple change into red rubber boots and hunt for clams. Learn whether they were able to find any clams, or other sea creatures in the episode above. 

Check out the clip and share your thoughts with us!


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