Check out the list of winners of the "2018 Korean Music Awards"!

Jessica Lee, Feb. 28, 2018, 4:02 p.m.

The 15th Korean Music Awards were held at the Guro Arts Valley art theatre on February 28. The KMAs recognize the efforts of mainstream and indie/underground artists. What sets the KMAs apart from other Korean awards ceremonies is that the winners are decided by a panel of judges consisting of music critics, radio show producers, academics, and other industry professionals. 

Congrats to all the winners!

Album of the Year | Kang Tae Gu - "bleu"

Song of the Year | hyukoh - "Tomboy"

Musician of the Year | BTS

Rookie of the Year | Se So Neon

Best Pop Album | IU - "Palette"

Best Pop Song | Red Velvet - "Red Flavor"

Best Rock Album | Lowdown 30 - "B"

Best Rock Song | Se So Neon - "The Wave"

Best Modern Rock Album | hyukoh - "23"

Best Modern Rock Song | hyukoh - "Tomboy"

Best Metal & Hardcore Album | Abyss - "Recrowned"

Best Folk Album | Kang Tae Gu - "bleu"

Best Folk Song | Kang Tae Gu - "bleu"

Best Dance & Electronic Album | Idiotape - "Dystopian"

Best Dance & Electronic Song | CIFIKA - "My Ego"

Best Hip Hop Album | Viann x Khundi Panda - "Reconstruction"

Best Hip Hop Song | Woo Won Jae - "We Are"

Best R&B and Soul Album | Hippy Was Gypsy - "Tree"

Best R&B and Soul Song | Rico - "Paradise"

Best Jazz & Crossover Album | Lee Jiyeun Contemporary Jazz Orchestra - "Feather, Dream Drop" and Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil - "And There, The Sea At Last"

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance | Hogyu "Stiger" Hwang Quartet - "Straight, No Chaser"

Achievement Award | Lee Jang Hee 

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