Check out the Trailer for South Korean Movie for ‘Intimate Enemies’

kpopluv, June 27, 2015, 11:05 a.m.

The upcoming movie film ‘Intimate Enemies’ has released their trailer as part of promotions.  Intimate Enemies is a 2015 South Korean film directed by Im Sang-soo.  The movie is a crime and action genre that stars Ko Joon Hee and Ryoo Seung Bum. 

The movie is about tow truck driver Na-mi, corporate intern Ji-noo, African worker Yakubu and his Korean wife Jung-sook discover bags full of cash at the site of a car crash, which is actually the slush fund of a conglomerate president. They initially pocket the money, but when the president sends ruthless criminals after them, they decide to use it to mete out revenge on corrupt corporations.


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