Check Out Which Korean Dramas Had the Highest Ratings for 2015

Robert Young, Dec. 17, 2015, 11:11 a.m.

2015 was a strange yet great year, with dramas like “She Was Pretty” gaining huge momentum halfway through their season, “Oh My Ghost” locking in their own niche of loyal viewers, and the drama “Yong Pal” skyrocketing through the ratings with its intense story arch and its impressive cast of famous celebrities. Even though ratings themselves don’t necessarily tell viewers how good a drama is, they are a good measurement of what Korean viewers like to see and find interest in.


“Entertainment Weekly” did some research on the topic, and they ranked the most popular Korean dramas of 2015 based off of viewer ratings. The dramas were divided into three separate categories, “Top 10 Most Viewed Drama Overall”, “Top 3 Most Viewed Cable Dramas”, and “Most Viewed Weekend Dramas”.


In the “Top 10 Most Viewed Dramas Overall” category, “Yong Pal” came in first with 21.5%, 2nd was “She Was Pretty” with 18%, 3rd was “Producer” with 17.7%, 4th was “Mrs. Cop” with 15.8%, 5th was “Six Flying Dragons” with 15.4%, 6th was “Punch” with 14.8%, 7th was “Shine Or Go Crazy” with 14.3%, 8th was “Unkind Women” with 13.7%, 9th was “Mask” with 13.6%, and 10th was “Pinocchio” with 13.3%.


For the “Top 3 Most Viewed Cable Dramas” category, “Reply 1988” came in first with 11.2%, 2nd was “Oh My Ghost” with 7.3%, and 3rd was “Second Time Twenty Years Old” with 7.2%.


The “Most Viewed Weekend Drama” category placed “What’s With This Family” in first with 43.3%, 2nd was “The Legend of the Witch” with 31.4%, 3rd was “All About My Mom” with 31.1%, 4th was “Rosy Lovers” with 28.9%, 5th was “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol” with 27.3%, and 6th was “Make a Woman Cry” with 25.5%.

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