Check out ‘Youth Over Flower’ Pictorial Spread for @Star1 Magazine

kpopluv, Sept. 16, 2014, 1:58 p.m.

Members of ‘Youth Over Flowers’ recently took part in a fashion spread for @star1 Magazine.  The members consist of Yoo Yun Suk, Son Hoo Joon, and B1A4’s Baro.  During their interview for the magazine, they had this to say about who else they would like to take with them for ‘Youth Over Flowers’,  Yoo Yun Suk answered, "I want to go with Sung Kyun hyung... He is a cheerful and positive person, so he would've been a source of strength during difficult times." 

Son Ho Joon also chose Kim Sung Kyun, explaining, "If I were to choose one person, it would be Sung Kyun hyung. If I could, I would like to take the entire ['Reply 1994'] cast with us... [Kim Sung Kyun] hyung and I have similar personalities, so we would've silently followed Yun Suk's leadership."

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