Checkout the Stills from GOT7’s reality series I GOT 7

D-Bo , June 17, 2014, 10:49 a.m.

On the June 17 episode of  GOT7’s reality variety show, ‘I GOT 7’, MC Kim Shin Young  made a surprise appearance at GOT7's dorm and caught the members unaware. Firstly, Kim Shin Young went to each of the rooms and opened their closets and drawers. Jackson yelled, "Ah!!! Noona, you can't open that!"

When the comedian entered JB and Youngjae's room, she found that they shared one mattress. She said, "They can't be using one blanket, right," but it turned out they were! Kim Shin Young added, "You both looked like a couple that's been married for 10 years."

Check out the photos and let us know your thoughts!


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