'Cheese In the Trap' Actors Reveal Their Thoughts On The Drama

James Kwon, Jan. 27, 2016, 9:21 a.m.

A webtoon sensation and now a beloved Tv drama, 'Cheese In The Trap' has finished filming very recently. Rest assured, the drama has many more episodes left to film! The crew have decided to stop filming as they have been filming many months before the official start of the show. 

The actors relayed their feelings after the ending of the drama in Seoul's Gangnam District. Park Hae Jin said, "There are still many episodes left but we have finished filming. Please continue to watch the drama from now on," and Seo Kang Jun added, "We really had fun filming for three to four months. It's regrettable to part ways and since the show is still airing, I don't want to create the atmosphere that we're saying goodbye."

Kim Go Eun, who plays Hong Seol, relayed, "Because we started filming before the show started, we wrapped it up early. It was great that we were loved a lot. I hope you all enjoy the show." Lee Sung Kyung also expressed how she feels now that filming is over, saying, "Please show us a lot of love because there are still many episodes left. We really had fun filming and I don't think I ever had this much fun on set.

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