Child Actress Kim Yoo Jung Makes an Appearance on SBS Gong Hyung Jin’s Cinetown

luvsmiling, Feb. 12, 2015, 12:01 p.m.

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung recently made an appearance on BS radio program 'Gong Hyung Jin's Cinetown'.  On the appearance, the starlet spoke about her thoughts on dieting and dancing to EXID's "Up & Down". DJ Gong Hyung Jin said, "A listener sent in her situation, and he/she says that he/she saw Kim Yoo Jung do a dance cover of 'Up & Down'. He/she watched, thinking it was a talent show for middle school girls and was surprised to see Kim Yoo Jung."


She explained, "I have four close friends in middle school, and we formed a team. Whenever there was a festival or the like, we would go out and dance. We did this together at the end of last year too. We danced to 'Up & Down' then." 

On cue, the music started, and she was asked to show her dance moves, so she danced for a few seconds, looking adorable as usual. Gong Hyung Jin praised her by asking how she could have everything (looks, smarts, talent, etc.). 

Kim Yoo Jung also said on the show, "Recently, I filmed a pizza CF, which only had cuts of me eating. Eating is a part of everyday life and the easiest thing to do in the world. It's so comfortable and likable." 

The DJ asked her whether she worried about dieting. She said, "I do. There are so many really skinny people these days, so I've started exercising a bit too."


Kim Yoo Jung is a South Korean child actress. After her acting debut, she became one of the best known child actresses in Korea. She is now transitioning into teen roles and is best known for Dong YiMoon Embracing the Sun, and May Queen.



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