China threatened counteractions against South Korea

Su Jin Jang, March 7, 2017, 10 a.m.

China on Tuesday threatened counteractions against South Korea and the US' deployment of the high-tech defense system THAAD which started this week. Earlier in the day, South Korea's Ministry of National Defense and the US Forces Korea said they have brought two interceptor-missile launchers and other elements of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense into the US base in Osan, south of Seoul.

"We solemnly object to South Korea and the US' deployment of THAAD and will resolutely take necessary actions in order to safeguard our security interests," Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in a briefing.  

"Any consequences to follow the necessary actions should be bore by South Korea and the US," he said, without specifying the actions. "We strongly demand that the parties halt the THAAD deployment process immediately and not deviate to the wrong path any further." 

Further escalating economic retaliations, China virtually banned its travel agencies last week from selling tour packages to South Korea while the Chinese boycott of South Korean goods is targeting South Korean retail giant Lotte Group's Chinese units. 

The Chinese spokesman, however, denied any Chinese government involvement. "(China) welcomes any foreign companies including South Korean firms willing to invest and do business in China.

Their interests will be protected in accordance with the law," he said. 

"Any steps China takes is taken in accordance with the law," he added. 

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