China to Remake "Introduction to Architecture" and "Cyrano: Dating Agency" Movies

Sensitive Artist, Feb. 2, 2015, 11:19 a.m.

The Korean movies "Introduction to Architecture" and "Cyrano: Dating Agency" are set to be remade as Chinese versions! According to production company Myung Films, China is set on remaking these movies as their own, and production is currently underway. Myung Films will be working alongside a Chinese production company.

The remakes will be released in China, and the script is currently being reworked to match the original with the Chinese language. Both of the movies were a big hit in Korea, and Myung Films is hoping that the Chinese remakes will show the same results. Recently, the Chinese remake for Korean movie "Miss Granny" was very successful, so fans seem to be excited to see how the two new movies will be coming out in their remade forms.

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