Chinese Tourist Receive Tourist Coupon App

Michael Song, Sept. 24, 2015, 9:51 a.m.

South Korean location-based coupon application provider YAP Company on Thursday launched a new app that provides Chinese tourists with various tourism-related information, including shopping and transportation.

The app, dubbed KAYO, provides a selection of coupons and other information for 100,000 local shops at popular tourist destinations, including Seoul’s major shopping district of Myeongdong or the southern resort island of Jeju.

YAP Company said it plans to adopt mobile payment services to KAYO in the near future by joining forces with leading Chinese platforms such as Alipay. Other features of KAYO include taxi hiring and online translation services.

“Based on YAP’s high-tech technology, we plan to allow every Chinese visitor to South Korea to enjoy quality search services, discount information and mobile payment just by downloading KAYO,” a YAP official said. “The new application will also help local shop owners to attract more tourists.”

The release of the new app came amid a steady rise in the number of Chinese visitors to South Korea. Last year, 6.12 million Chinese visited South Korea, spending about 14 trillion won (US$11.7 billion). The company expects the number of Chinese visitors to reach 10 million by 2018.

YAP Company also operates an application, dubbed YAP, in South Korea, which allows users to download coupons and discount information related to shops located near the users, including major franchises. It stands out from its rivals as it utilizes what it calls “hybrid beacon” technology, which automatically displays discount information when a user enters registered stores.

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