Chloe Moretz Shows Her K-Drama Skills with “SNL Korea”

Robert Young, March 5, 2016, 3:03 p.m.

Hollywood actress Chloe Moretz visited the world of Korean entertainment for the March 5th episode of “SNL Korea”! Chloe Moretz played the fiancée of Yoo Se Yoon in her skit, as she wears the traditional Korean dress (hanbok) to play her role. Yoo Se Yoon and his sister began to argue over pears, which Chloe misunderstood as saying that they had different mothers. In classis K-drama over the top style, she spits out her juice and father-in-law Shin Dong Yup steps in to clear up the misunderstanding.


Yoo Se Yoon then stated, "I don't have any money saved up, so let's get a month-to-month lease place when we get married." Chloe Moretz then showed her best impression of the infamous kimchi slapping scene from “Everybody, Kimchi!” She grabs a giant cabbage and slaps Yoo Se Yoon across his face.

Shin Dong Yup gave his disapproval of the marriage, stating that he wouldn’t accept a daughter-in-law who would slap his son over their living arrangements. Chloe Moretz then gives her parody performance of Min So Hee from “Temptation of Wife” by saying, "I'll destroy you all."

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