Choeun Entertainment CEO says 24K's Hui and Daeil left company without notice

Jessica Lee, Nov. 2, 2017, 4:02 p.m.

On November 2, the Choeun Entertainment CEO shared an announcement in Korean and English on the official 24K fan cafe that Hui and Daeil breached their contract and left the company to do their own promotions. 

"How are you doing? I am Choeun Entertainment CEO.

First of all, I would like to say 'Thank you' to all 24U who are supporting 24K on JTBC program 'MIXNINE'.

Today, I would like to make a sincere statement about the problem you all are interested about for a long time. Today's statement is about Hui, Daeil, and Sungoh. 

Starting from the conclusion, I need to announce that member Hui is no longer a member of 24K. Starting from November 2016, Hui had some private troubles in China and was given time to deal with those problems. On the 7th of July 2017, 24K was scheduled to appear on KBS 'Music Bank' but it appeared that Hui left Korea on the 6th of July around 9PM KST. He sent only one message to us saying, 'I just arrived in China and I'm not going to be a member of 24K anymore.' There was no formal discussion about his issue and everyone was frustrated with him leaving one day before the music show. However, we had no choice but to promote as 6 people. 

During the last few months, we've tried really hard to get a hold of Hui in every possible way and we, unfortunately, received no response. We were able to find out about his personal promotions in China through his SNS. This situation caused a mess for our company and our fans that we decided to end our contract with Liang Hui and we will not work with him anymore. 

This is simply an act of betrayal to the company and to the fans who were supporting him since day one. He forgot about his responsibility as a public figure and has no right to be an artist. 

We are still finalizing our decision about Daeil as he too was engaging in personal promotions and left the team without notifying anyone. 

In regards to Sungoh, we will make a decision about him returning to the group after his military service and after his shoulder heals. He is still in the military and we will make a decision later. 

From now on, Choeun Entertainment will do everything to improve and will try hard so that our fans and members will never be betrayed again. We will do our best to make sure no one else plays with your feelings. That is why we are unable to work with people who forget their responsibilities. We hope you can support us. 

Choeun Entertainment and 24K members will only trust the fans and promise to come back as a better team. I believe the difficulties we've faced have given us valuable experience. 

Please, give all your love and support to 24K during 'MIXNINE'.

Thank you.


Choeun Entertainment CEO"

24K last released a mini-album "Addiction" in May and has since been on hiatus. 

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