Choi denies the charges Goo Hara made against him in first trial

Jun Ko, April 19, 2019, noon

On April 18th, Choi Jung Bum went through his first trial at the Seoul Central District Court for physical assault, blackmail, coercion, and destruction/damage of property against Goo Hara. Goo Hara had claimed she was assaulted by Choi back in September 2018; additionally, it was revealed that Choi had threatened Hara with sex videos. 

It was stated by Choi's side that, "He admits to and is reflecting on the damage of property that occurred during the argument with the victim. However, the videos were not taken against the vicitm's wishes or to fulfill his sexual desires. The photos also do not cause humiliation. As for the charges of the assault, the defendant did not act in a coercive way. It was a passive defense. Also on the charges for the threats, he did not threaten her with the sex videos." 

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