Choi Ji-woo and Jo In-sung appointed as model taxpayers

Ashley Song, April 26, 2016, 11:36 a.m.

Korean top celebrities, actress Choi Ji-woo and actor Jo In-sung attended the ambassador appointment ceremony for the 2016 National Tax Service held at the Seoul Regional Tax Office on Tuesday, April 26. They were named as one of the best taxpayers on March 3, Taxpayers’ Day, receiving presidential commendations for their exemplary payment of taxes. 

The two stars will participate in various activities for two years to help promote tax payment culture.

“Thank you so much for greeting me. I heard that the organization has marked its 50th anniversary since its inauguration in 1966, so I feel really glad to become its ambassador,” said Choi.

Last year’s honorary ambassadors were Yoona of Girls’ Generation and actor Song Seung-hun.

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