Choi Jonghun banned from leaving Korea!

Jamie Chu, April 25, 2019, 10:52 a.m.

Former F.T. Island member Choi Jonghun is banned from leaving South Korea as investigations continue. On April 25, police stated their request to prohibit Jonghun from traveling had been granted as he is currently accused of two different cases of sexual assault. One from January of 2016 alongside Jung Joon Young and the 'Burning Sun' employee Mr. Kim in Gangwon Province and the other from March of 2016 in Daegu Province. He's also being charged for filming women illegally with hidden cameras and distributing the media in the controversial chatroom.

According to reports, police have already wrapped up questioning the alleged victims. In addition, the members of the controversial chatroom will continue undergoing questioning.

Stay tune! 

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